TEAM - Executive Board


President / Administrator

MD Saymon is a Bangladeshi Portuguese and also a renowned social worker and community person of Bangladesh Community in Lisbon, Portugal. Since he came to Portugal in 2012, he started a business here as a young entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the company Managic passion. He also has business in the Retail and Wholesale sector in Lisbon.

He came to Portugal from Cypress in 2012 when he finished his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Management there. He is also active in different social activities in Lisbon.


General Director

MD Rasel Ahammed is a dynamic and enthusiastic person who is a Bangladeshi Immigrant living in Portugal for the last couple of years. He completed his Master's in English Literature from Dhaka College. Then he came to the Netherlands for a post-graduation course in Tourism Management in 2015. In 2016 he moved to Portugal for his second Masters in Communication Science at Nova FCSH. Since then he started to work with different social and nonprofitable organizations to uphold the Bangladeshi culture, food, and tradition. Besides that, he also joined different entities and stakeholders to work for the betterment of the Immigrants, Students, and Refugees living in Portugal.

He introduced SPEAK, the famous Social Startup that is working for Language and Culture Exchange in different European countries to Dhaka as a Founder. Besides that, he is working as a Journalist in the mainstream Print & Electronic media of Bangladesh and the UK to represent the Bangladesh community here in Portugal. He is also the Secretary-General of Portugal Bangla Press Club and the organizing Secretary of All Europe Bangladesh Press Club.


Finance Director

He completed Honours and Master’s in Economics from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Now, he is going to complete his 2nd Master's in Data Science and Advanced Analytics at Nova Information Management School (IMS) under the University of New Lisbon. After completing his Master's, he had been working for one year as a lecturer (Adjunct Faculty) in economics at International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), Bangladesh. Moreover, he had been working for 2 years as a lecturer in economics at the world University of Bangladesh (WUB). In addition, he has training in science and Business Intelligence. On top of that, he has analytical and research skills on different analytical tools like Hadoop, Python, SAS, Power BI, SPSS, E-Views. As a young researcher, he published many research articles in many reputed International Journals.

From his university life, Mr. Aziz had been working for people as a volunteer in different ways. He also visited many Asian and European countries. He has visited in Europe many refugees and immigrants suffering from different kinds of immigration problems. Considering the necessity of supporting the immigrants, he has decided to work in Portugal and work for the Immigrants with his two other friends (Rasel & Saymon) which results in establishing a non-profitable organization “Portugal Multicultural Academy Association(PMAA)” in 2018.